The COVID-19 crisis is hitting the Mexican Caribbean hard, impacting workers who rely on tips as part of their salary. Some 890 employees at Grand Residences and Royal Resorts are particularly affected and they include the maids, waiters, bartenders and kitchen staff that look after you. The Royal Resorts Foundation launched the COVID-19 Employee Relief Fund appeal to help them and thanks to your generosity we are over three quarters of the way there. To date, we have raised US$59,100 of the initial goal of US$70,000.

Employees are receiving a monthly deposit for three months to a food card accepted at all major supermarkets to help them through this difficult period.
We invite you to continue donating. With your help we can reach the target. Visit the Royal Resorts Foundation page to donate now. You can select your resort in order to help the employees you know or use the “All Resorts” category. Credit card donations are accepted and a thank you notification will appear automatically when the donation has gone through. Your kindness is much appreciated.

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