Entries by Vanessa Vivas

BBQ Time!

For family outdoor dining, you can’t beat the Sunday BBQ at Grand Residences. Great food, casual Caribbean ambiance, the sound of the waves and the warm breeze rustling in the palm trees are just perfect to start your vacation and plan the week ahead.

French Night

In more dining news, the popular French Night at El Faro Grill has a new menu full of gourmet dishes for you to try during your vacation.

Royal Afternoon Tea

How about marking a moment of history this month with one of our afternoon teas on the terrace celebrating a delicious British tradition and Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee

Cool Cocktails

Here is a cocktail with love from the Grand Residences bartenders to get you in the vacation mood and to serve at home on the terrace during the summer.

Grand Recipes

This month, Chef Guido de la Mora is showcasing a true classic from the Yucatán kitchen in Flor de Canela, Cochinita pibil.