Walking beach

Fall Activities to Enjoy in Puerto Morelos

Start the day at Grand Residences with the sunrise and a walk along the beach at dawn.
Thanksgiving dinner

Seasonal Treats in Store

Chef Guido de la Mora has plenty of dining treats in store for you this fall. Start with Thanksgiving Dinner in November and a set menu full of autumn flavors.
Pan de Muerto

Grand Recipes

Chef Guido celebrates Mexican traditions this month with a recipe for the famous pan de muerto.
Leviathan Wine

Wine of the Month

Sommelier Juan Carlos Espadas takes you on a tasting journey this month to California to discover Leviathan.
Latin Punch Cocktail

Cool Cocktails

Here’s a fall cocktail for you with the taste and scent of the islands, with love from the Grand Residences bartenders.

Autumn Relaxation at the Spa

This autumn give your skin the nurturing and deep moisturization it needs to protect it from the harsh wind and bitter chill of the winter.
Coral Kingdom

The Island of Swallows: Cozumel, Ancient History and Coral Splendor

Cozumel, known as Cuzamil or the ‘island of swallows’ to the ancient Maya, blends ancient history, pirate tales and coral splendor.

The Travel Gallery

Here’s our monthly gallery showcasing some of the region’s many natural and historical attractions. How many have you visited?