Mixed Ceviche

During the summer heat, something cool for lunch is what you need, and ceviche fits the bill. Here’s a recipe from the chefs at El Faro Grill for you to try. Be sure to try it during your next vacation.

• 150g shrimp
• 150g scallops
• 150g fish (diced)
• 100g tomato
• 50g onion, white or red
• 15g coriander
• 200ml lime juice
• Salt and pepper
• 200g avocado

Marinate the seafood in lime juice, salt and pepper. Chop up the tomato, onion and coriander. Dice the avocado and mix all the ingredients. Check the seasoning and serve in bowls. You can garnish it with sprigs of coriander, thinly sliced radish, watermelon or beets and drizzle with a dash of garlic oil. Serve with tortilla chips and an ice-cold beer.

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