Protecting the planet

At Grand Residences, we are doing what we can to reduce our environmental footprint and working towards a plastic-free planet. For example, we use biodegradable food containers instead of polystyrene and straws made from avocado seeds and bamboo. We only bring straws with drinks if guests expressly ask for one. And we are now serving reusable jugs of purified water on the pool deck, the lobby and in other areas around the resort to reduce our consumption of single use plastic bottles of water.
Our latest eco project is a guest towel campaign. We have placed signs in the bathrooms asking owners and guests to leave the towels hanging up if they would like to use them again and to put them on the floor if they would like new ones. We invite you to join us in protecting the planet. By not changing the towels on a daily basis we save water, electricity and reduce our use of laundry products and the chemicals they contain.
When you go on a beach walk why not help us by taking a biodegradable bag with you to pick up trash? It’s a start for making our world a cleaner place. If you return your bag with trash, we’ll give you a coupon for a free drink.
Another way you can help us protect the environment is not to apply sun cream or oil if you are going to swim or snorkel in the sea or in the cenotes. Wear a t-shirt instead. Sun products contain chemicals that are harmful to corals and marine life.

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