Want to go exploring this month? Here are three incredible September travel experiences to discover in the Mexican Caribbean and Yucatan.


Rio Secreto

Explore the Mayan underworld. Deep in the limestone rock lies a labyrinth of caves and cenotes that the ancient Maya believed were doorways to the realm of the gods. In the jungle, just south of Playa del Carmen, Rio Secreto is one such place.
Take a guided tour of this beautiful cave system with its still clear pools that mirror the columns, stalactites and stalagmites that have formed over millions of years.



Mexican Fiesta

One way to celebrate Independence month is to enjoy a Mexican evening at Xoximilco Park. Located to the south of Cancun Airport, Xoximilco is a chain of waterways inspired by the ancient Aztec canals and world-famous floating gardens of Xochimilco on the outskirts of Mexico City.
You’ll board a colorful trajinera or Mexican-style canal boat to sail along the tree-lined waterways where musicians will serenade you under starry skies. The tequila flows freely and you’ll enjoy mouthwatering Mexican dishes for dinner during your voyage. This is a Mexican experience you won’t want to miss, vibrant and full of music and song.
The musicians that pop up at Xoximilco hail from all over the country. Guitar trios from the Yucatan play romantic trova ballads. Jarocho musicians from Veracruz strike up with La Bamba and La Cascabel. Ranchero tunes from northern Mexico will get your feet tapping and then the mariachis appear and you’ll soon find yourself singing along.
You’ll also see scenes representing daily life in Xochimilco: women paddling canoes filled with flowers and produce grown in the chinampas or floating gardens and handing up warm tortillas for your meal. There are traditional Mexican dances and you’ll even hear ancient Aztec legends.


Mayan mystery

The ancient cities of the Maya have an air of mystery whenever you visit them but for many travelers, a trip to the World Heritage Site of Chichen Itza in September to witness the Equinox offers even more wonders.
On September 23, the day of the fall Equinox, the Pyramid of Kukulcan or El Castillo that dominates the Great Plaza at Chichen Itza, reveals its secret. In ancient times, it was a solar clock and calendar marking the passage of the seasons.
The pyramid is aligned to catch the rays of the setting sun on the days of the spring and fall equinoxes in March and September. Triangles of light and shadow appear along the side of the north staircase forming the rippling body of a snake. It merges with the head of a stone serpent at the foot of the building, creating the illusion of a gigantic reptile coming down from the sky and slithering across the ground towards the Sacred Cenote.
The snake symbolizes Kukulcan (also known as Quetzalcoatl in central Mexico), the feathered serpent god, returning to earth to give hope to his followers and heralding the spring planting and fall harvest seasons for the Maya.
This year, the snake of light and shadow will be visible from September 21 to 23 and the day after the equinox, cloud cover permitting.

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