Watch Chef Rafael Borbolla at work and improve your kitchen skills with a cooking class. Learn how to prepare tikinxic, Mayan-style marinated fish, ceviche, or the perfect guacamole.  From spicing up your cooking with chilies to salsas and tasty casseroles, discover the secrets of Mexican cuisine. You’ll be inspired and ready to invite your friends and family over for Mexican Night! 

    Brush up on your knowledge of French and Italian cuisine, learn how to cook Ligurian shrimp pasta and great seafood recipes from Mexico and the Mediterranean. Reservations required, call the Concierge.

   If you would like to learn more about Mexican cuisine, why not sign up for a morning of in-depth cooking classes at one of the cooking schools in the Puerto Morelos-Cancun area. Your Concierge can help you with reservations.


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