Stars to play the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival 2017

Guitar maestro John McLaughlin and pianist Chick Corea are two of the stars returning for this year’s Riviera Maya Jazz Festival, celebrating its 15th anniversary. It will be John McLaughlin’s last concert and he will pay tribute to the…
Photo courtesy Museo Maya de Cancun | Facebook

Cancun Maya Museum unveils two new exhibitions

The Aztec deity Xochipilli and Maya and Mexica sacrificial rites to venerate the gods are the themes of two seasonal exhibitions inaugurated on August 17 at Cancun Maya Museum. Xochipilli was the Aztec deity that represented the rising sun…
Photo courtesy of Vicente Fito, INAH

More Amazing Cenote Discoveries

The Mexican Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) has revealed that archaeologists and cave divers exploring a cenote in the Puerto Morelos area discovered the skull of a new species of prehistoric giant ground sloth dating from the Late…