Pampering after your morning workout

For those of you who like an early work out, tennis game or swim to start the day, you’ll love the new recovery station on the pool deck. Open from 7 to 9:30 a.m., it is stocked with fresh fruit, water, juice and granola bars to boost your energy as you rest after your exercise.

And after you have drunk your juice and munched on an apple or banana, why not check into the Spa for a relaxing massage to ease those tired muscles?

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Dining by starlight with someone special

Pamper Mom on her special day with a family dinner on the beach or on the terrace. Order the mouthwatering beach dinner menu with a bottle of bubbly or ask the Sommelier to recommend wines from the award-winning El Faro wine list and be sure to end your meal with a selection of desserts with chocolate and fruit.

As an alternative, you could ask the Chef to prepare a meal of his own inspiration for you to enjoy in your residence.

Additional charges apply for private catering.


The arrival of our special summer visitors, the sea turtles

It’s that time of year again. May is the start of sea turtle nesting season in the Mexican Caribbean and at Grand Residences we are gearing up to welcome these ancient creatures as they emerge from the waves to lay their eggs.

Our security guards will be patrolling the beach during the summer nights on the look out for the female green and loggerhead turtles that come ashore to dig their nests.

Forty-five to 60 days later, the tiny baby turtles will chip their way out of the nests. They’ll face many dangers on their journey to adulthood, many falling prey to birds, fish, plastic pollution or becoming entrapped in industrial fishing nets. However, some will make it and in 12 to 15 years time they will return to the beaches they were born on to lay their own eggs.

Follow the Turtle Season Rules

If you are due to visit Grand Residences or Royal Resorts during the summer, join us in protecting these beautiful creatures.

  • Alert the security staff
  • Be very quiet and keep still
  • Watch the turtles from a distance of ten meters
  • Do not attempt to touch the turtle or crowd her
  • Do not shine a torch or use the light on your mobile phone
  • Please, no flash photography
  • No smoking
  • Follow the instructions given by security staff at all times
  • Help us to keep our beaches and sea clean. Discarded straws, plastic bags, beer packaging, fishing lines and other garbage floating in the water are lethal to turtles and other marine life
  • When snorkeling or diving watch turtles from a distance, do not swim towards them and do not attempt to touch them
  • Wear a t-shirt when snorkeling as protection from the sun instead of applying sun block. Sun products pollute the water and are harmful to marine life
  • Turtles are protected by Mexican law and it is illegal to disturb, persecute and hunt them and consume their meat or eggs.

Mexican environmental agency regulations keep human contact with the turtle hatchlings to a minimum and the participation of hotel guests in turtle releases is no longer permitted.


Are you interested in serving on the Advisory Council?

The Advisory Council is comprised of five Owners that represent the Grand Residences Community. They meet at least once a year with representatives from DRM and the Resort Operating Company to review and make recommendations on Resort Operations at Grand Residences for the following year, policies, procedures and issues of interest to Owners.
Any Owner that would like to be a part of the Grand Residences Advisory Council is cordially invited to send in their application before July 31, 2019.
The current members of the Grand Residences Advisory Council will review all the applications received and will vote for a new member in a private election during the 2019 Advisory Council Meeting on October 24.

Advisory Council responsibilities

The duties of the Advisory Council consist of the review of financial statements for the current year’s operations at Grand Residences, all reports presented by Management relating to the maintenance and operation of the resort, the projected budgets for the operation of the following year and proposed Club Service Fees to be paid per interval based upon the reviewed budget for the resort. They also study maintenance and fixed assets programs, proposals for new services and amenities, cost-efficiency operating projects and guest satisfaction survey results among others.
In their capacity as representatives, Advisory Council members raise concerns voiced by Owners in relation to the operation of the resort and follow up on their queries with DRM and the Resort Management Company at the meeting and during the year.

Making your Application

If you love your resort home and are interested in standing as a candidate for the Advisory Council for Grand Residences by Royal Resorts®, click here to read the eligibility requirements. If you would like to be considered for this important role, fill out the application form.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible to stand for the Advisory Council, you must be over the age of 25 and be a Grand Residences Owner. You must be in good standing with all your obligations. You must own one or more Fractions at Grand Residences, the equivalent of five or more weeks in the Grand Residences Fractional Program, and at least one of the said fractions must have been purchased directly from DRM (resales and title changes are not accepted for this purpose). You must agree to abide by the Advisory Council Regulations.
It is important that you read the Advisory Council Rules in full as they include more information on the eligibility requirements for candidates and the restrictions that could render an application invalid.

Sending your application

Send your application form by email and attach a copy of your résumé and a cover letter stating why you would like to stand for the Grand Residences Advisory Council. Your résumé should include details of current and past employment, your educational background, community work and other relevant career information.
Applications must be received by July 31 to be considered for this year. Interested Owners should send their questions or application form and résumé to:

Gina Lopez
Tel: (954) 485-5400 Ext. 2503
Email: glopez@royalresorts.com


You can count on your Concierges

What would you like to do on your next vacation? You may already have some ideas for trips that you would like to plan to your favorite beaches, a family day out, an eco tour or a catamaran cruise. The Concierges can help you arrange all your sightseeing adventures and help you put together an itinerary if you would like to explore the Yucatan, calling in at Mayan archaeological sites, colonial towns and rural villages.

If you are interested in diving, bird watching, horseback riding and fishing or you like nothing more than getting out on the fairway for a game of golf, your Concierge is at your service with information and reservations.

The Concierge team can even help you plan a special surprise for a birthday or anniversary.


Every picture tells a story

Follow us on Instagram @grandresidences to see the latest pictures of paradise. This month we are going on a beach hopping tour through the Mexican Caribbean and along the Yucatan coast. From the palm-lined beaches of the Riviera Maya to Isla Mujeres; fishing boats rocking gently at their moorings right here in Puerto Morelos to the glory of a Holbox sunset and the pink flash of flamingos feeding in the Rio Lagartos wetlands, here are some of the spectacular sights along the shoreline.

If you have a picture of Grand Residences, Puerto Morelos or a special place in the Yucatan or a vacation story that you would like to share with us, we would love to hear from you. Send your pictures to memories@royalresorts.com. A selection of the photos we receive will be published in this newsletter.