Beware of Suspicious Offers from Online Companies

Scam Alert

It is Royal Resorts policy to alert members of scams attempted by companies or individuals operating online. We thank owners and members who have contacted us to share information about suspicious calls or emails they have received.

The latest reports mention phone calls and offers made by representatives of DGI Title in Atlanta, Hollywood Management Inc. in Los Angeles, Timeshare Broker Services and The Realtors and by agents called Christopher Adams and Jason Luria.

Another member recently contacted us after receiving a call from someone claiming to represent Royal Resorts and offering to buy her units. We would like to make our members aware that this is a scam. Royal Resorts is not offering to buy back units and anyone who may contact you with such a proposal is operating under false pretenses and is not associated with the company in any way.

Other members were contacted by someone claiming to be an agent or attorney representing the Mexican Government Tax Office and wanting to confirm personal information. We urge you to take no action if you receive such calls. The Mexican government does not call Mexican citizens or foreigners in this manner.

Several months ago, we reported a similar case of phone calls from a woman identifying herself as a federal prosecutor in Mexico City. This person claimed to be investigating a case against Royal Resorts, but her questions were suspicious and indicative of a possible scam. Again, a federal prosecutor would not operate in this way.

Sometimes criminals will falsify documents or scan logos to make the letters and forms they use in their scam attempts look official. Be vigilant if you receive emails purportedly from the Mexican government with such documents. Genuine emails sent by Mexican government offices all have addresses that include, for example: the official email addresses for the Servicio de Administracióm Tributaria (SAT) or Tax Office are: or

For more information on types of domain names used in Mexico and international terminology and what to look out for when you receive an email from an unfamiliar address, scroll down. 

Recent reports of suspicious online activity

Other recent reports of emails and dubious phone calls mention companies called Hollywood Management Inc. Real Estate, Hollywood Investments Company, 118 International Realty, Commodity Consultants International LTD and Blue Marlin Realty or Blue Marlin Realtors operating out of Chicago. The name of the Qingjan Realty Group Pte Ltd and of a broker called Victor Santiago appears in the documents that the member received from the latter company.

In June 2020, several members reported receiving unsolicited calls and emails about title changes from an individual called Marco Deleon operating out of Las Vegas and a company called Administración Hotelera Corporativa Columbus SA de CA. This individual claimed to represent CIT but is not associated with Royal Resorts, CIT or Interval Servicing in any way.

Also in 2020, several members contacted us about calls from a marketing company agent operating out of Cancun who offered them special stay rates at The Royal Sands and The Royal Caribbean. This is not a Royal Resorts promotion and neither the company nor its agent has any business relationship with us. The fact that this individual mentioned The Royal Caribbean, which is closed and currently under renovation, should be a warning sign not to proceed.

In summary, Members have reported suspicious calls and emails from all of these companies:

  • DGI Title
  • Hollywood Management Inc.
  • Timeshare Broker Services
  • The Realtors
  • Lewis & Associates Realty
  • 1st Real Estate Professionals
  • 091 Title Services Inc.
  • Travelers Options Management
  • Hollywood Management Inc. Real Estate
  • Hollywood Investments Company
  • Commodity Consultants International LTD
  • 118 International Realty
  • Zinn Enterprises
  • Blue Marlin Realty or Blue Marlin Realtors
  • Administración Hotelera Corporativa Columbus SA de CV
  • Network Realty
  • Network Real Estate
  • Atlantic Realty
  • New York Escrow Services
  • Black Diamond
  • Realty Alliance
  • The Brokerage Group
  • 123propertyserviceslic
  • Realty Consultants
  • Safran Group
  • Zicasso

Hollywood Management Inc. operates out of California, Zinn Enterprises operates out of Alaska; Atlantic Realty and Realty Alliance operate out of Boston. The Brokerage Group, Network Real Estate, Black Diamond Group and New York Escrow Services have New York addresses. Zicasso is a Mexican firm supposedly with a parent company in Mountain View, California.

Royal Resorts has no business relationship with any of the aforementioned companies or their representatives. The Legal department has contacted them with a cease and desist notice.

We recommend that you do not engage with these companies or their representatives. Do not submit the membership information requested, and above all, never send money if they mention a processing fee.

When such companies contact you via email or phone to offer unsolicited broker, resale, title change, exchange or rental services and ask for cash in advance to cover “administrative fees”, “processing fees,” “commissions”, “guarantees” or “deposits” it is generally a good indication that they may not be genuine and if you pay it is very possible that you will not hear from them again. 

Protecting your personal information

Royal Resorts has a rigorous privacy policy and is in full compliance with privacy laws. Our members’ personal information is confidential and we do everything possible to protect it. We do not sell and have never sold personal information to third parties.

Always follow these steps if you receive a suspicious email or phone call:

  • Check the source of the email if the company or individual claims to be associated with Royal Resorts. All Royal Resorts communications are sent from an official email address, if this is not the case, then the email is not from Royal Resorts.
  • Disregard the email or phone call if money is requested in advance for resale or other timeshare-related services.
  • Do not supply personal data or the contact details of friends if referrals are requested.
  • Do an online background check on the company to see if it is legitimate.
  • Ask Royal Resorts if you are in any doubt, we are here to help you.
  • Above all, do not send any money.
  • If you receive an unsolicited call about title changes, contact Royal Resorts or Interval Servicing. Title changes must always be handled through Interval Servicing, your membership services company.

Servicing. Title changes must always be handled through Interval Servicing, your   

membership services company.

Domain terminology

Always check the domain name. Here are some examples of third level domains used in Mexico for you to be aware of:  = Used by commercial entities   = Internet providers   = Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)  = Educational institutions  = Government ministries, departments and institutions

Internationally, these generic Top-level Domains (gTLD) are the most commonly used and have the following definitions:

.com      = Commercial site

.net        = Internet service company

.org        = Non profit organization

.info       = Information site

.biz         = Business site

Cyber crime is on the rise and hackers and scammers are more active than ever during the global pandemic. Take care when using the Internet. We recommend that you avoid disclosing your personal information on forums, blogs and other open media venues and participation in online referral schemes that ask you to send the names and details of friends. When you provide your contact information to others in order to rent, sell or lend your unit please ensure that it will be protected.