We are in this together and we can all help slow the spread of COVID-19 by following hygiene recommendations such as frequent hand washing and social distancing and by using face masks. Masks reduce the dispersion of droplets when you sneeze or cough and if we all wear one we can protect each other. We ask all our owners, members and guests to wear a face mask indoors and in busy public areas of the resort.
The use of face masks is compulsory in the Kids Club, the Spa, Gourmet Food Market, in elevators and on board our vans. You should also wear one when entering our restaurants up until the moment that you are seated.

Use of masks is now mandatory in public in Cancun with fines for non-compliance
In Cancun, the use of face masks is now mandatory in public for residents and for visitors. The police are enforcing the new law and there are penalties for non-compliance. Fines may be given for not wearing a mask and if the fine is not paid the offender could face detention for 36 hours.
In Tulum, the authorities are also enforcing this new law and police have detained several people for not wearing a face mask.
Whenever you venture off property, please use a mask.

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