Order the catch of the day when dining at our restaurants; the fish, shrimp and lobster are all supremely fresh and superbly flavored. From lunchtime shrimp tacos with a splendid view at Heaven Beach Bar, ceviche, aguachile and fish cooked to a traditional recipe at Flor de Canela to Mediterranean and Pacific coast dishes at El Faro Grill, a seafood feast awaits you.

Seafood dishes to try

You may decide to order your favorite shrimp tacos one day for lunch at Heaven Beach Bar and how about trying something new another day? The mixed seafood ceviche, a Japan-Mexico fusion tuna tostada and the salmon duo sashimi are all delicious choices.

For open air dining, Heaven offers seafood starters ranging from tuna tartare and Lima-style fish ceviche to octopus and shrimp tostadas and fried calamari. For your main course, choose classic fish and chips (without the newspaper wrapping), grilled swordfish with meunière sauce, coconut shrimp with mango-chili sauce or fresh lobster cooked to perfection in butter with a hint of vanilla and served with basmati rice pilaf.

More mouthwatering seafood lunch options await you in El Faro Grill. For starters try Chef Borbolla’s Pacific-inspired dishes such as Costa Alegre-style tuna tostada, Bucerias mixed ceviche from Nayarit or the Acapulco-style shrimp cocktail. A hearty seaman’s baguette filled with stewed shrimp, pastor-style salmon or shrimp tacos and linguine tutto mare seafood pasta are favorites. Or you could order the catch of the day marinated in achiote, grilled shrimp and octopus or Ensenada mussels cooked in white wine, garlic with a dash of chili and cream.

Seafood choices for dinner in El Faro range from fritto misto Mediterranean fried shrimp and calamari, shrimp salad or tuna tataki with mango as a starter. Order clam chowder served in a bread bowl followed by grilled octopus or scallops, grouper fillet with butter, lime and toasted almonds, salmon, tuna or shrimp with flavors of the Orient: lemon grass tea, ginger, garlic, shallots, coriander and coconut rice.

For Mexican seafood recipes plan to have dinner in Flor de Canela during your stay. Order some tasty mixed pescadillas or crispy fried turnovers, shrimp tacos, tuna tostadas, shrimp aguachile or mixed ceviche with corn chips and salsas for sharing. Your main course options include tikinxic or Mayan-style marinated and grilled fish, tequila shrimp and seafood pozole, a vibrant Mexican take on bouillabaisse. Try the Governor’s shrimp burrito, tuna in a Mexican seed crust or lobster al mojo de ajo or garlic sauce. Buen provecho!

Be your own seafood cook

If you like to prepare your own seafood recipes in your gourmet kitchen and serve them to family and friends, order fresh fish, shrimp and lobster from the Protein Menu available from Room Service.

And when you are ready to go exploring and want to try out seafood restaurants in Puerto Morelos, your Concierge will be able to recommend those that serve the freshest locally caught fruits de mer.


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