Meet Arelli S.,our Spa Manager. Originally from Mexico City, Arelli studied English Language and Literature at the National University of Mexico. As a student she became interested in Spa therapies and holistic healing and took massage technique classes.

Her move to the Mexican Caribbean came 11 years ago and quite by accident. A strike at the university disrupted her study plans and she decided to visit relatives in Merida, Yucatan. During her trip she traveled to Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Playa del Carmen and fell in love with the Mexican Caribbean. She reminisces, “I liked Playa del Carmen and decided that one day I would like to live there. After I graduated, destiny brought me back to the Riviera Maya and a career in Spa Management.”

“I started as a Spa therapist in Riu Resorts before moving to Aventura Palace and then Secrets Maroma.” Arelli adds, “I then took time out to look after my baby girl. When she was old enough for me to go back to work, I started at Viceroy, Banyan Tree and then Fairmont as a Spa Supervisor; at Fairmont I also worked in Groups. After nine years working in the Spa world, I was more and more involved in administration and management and in September 2018, I joined Grand Residences.

“I have a team of five therapists to offer massages, facials, body wraps, manicures, make up and hair and I can also help out if needed. The fitness center attendant also reports to me,” Arelli explains.

Arelli’s recommendation for a morning at the Spa is to start with a 60 or 90-minute Hot Stone Massage for its therapeutic benefits. The heat emanating from the stones boosts circulation, calms, decongests and cleanses the body, giving you a profound feeling of wellbeing.

Follow it with the Timexpert Rights Facial from Germaine de Cappuccini, a product that will nourish and repair your skin, restoring vitality with visible results. The Vitamin C Body Wrap cleanses, revitalizes and relaxes your body, rolling back the signs of aging. She adds, “We use luxury spa products developed by two Spanish companies: Germaine de Cappuccini and Natura Bissé and Primavera oils and essences from Germany for our aromatherapy massage. They are the finest quality, certified as organic products and are made from pure plant ingredients, flowers, fruit and seeds from all over the world.”

“On your next visit to Grand Residences, you’ll find that we have added more therapies to the Spa collection,” says Arelli “These include a Milk and Melipona honey luxury bath experience. The Melipona is a tiny stingless bee that is native to the Yucatan and the Maya have been collecting its honey since ancient times for its therapeutic properties.”

Melipona honey moisturizes the skin, is a powerful antioxidant and is something of a super food, said to be more nutritious than the honey produced by European bees. The Maya use it to soothe scarred skin and in remedies to alleviate cataracts, colds and other ailments. To this day, beekeepers make offerings to Ah Mucen Caab, the ancient bee god, to ask for a good honey harvest.

Arelli continues, “We have more Villa Spa experiences and rituals for you to enjoy in the comfort of your residence. They include spa baths, a facial, body wrap and manicure and pedicure.”

The Spa is doing its bit to protect the environment by recycling and eliminating plastic. Arelli also explained that she always looks for natural products when choosing treatments to add to the Spa collection.

She says, “The size of the resort means that we can offer a more personalized Spa service attuned to the needs of each guest. We know that our repeat customers have favorite treatments and which massage, facial or body wrap they always ask for. We also look for ways of adding the wow factor to exceed their expectations.”

We asked Arelli why she thinks penciling in some vacation time for the Spa is so important and she had this to say: ”A visit to the Spa is all about setting aside some time for yourself for the pampering that you need and deserve to soothe your body, mind and soul. It is an intimate experience; you owe it to your body to say good-bye to stress, nourish your skin and restore your inner balance.”

Arelli Soriano

Arelli S. – Spa Manager

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