Have you tried the Dish of the Month in Flor de Canela? Every month the Chef selects a different dish from all over Mexico to offer as a special. This month it is Pescado a la Talla, a tasty recipe from the Pacific coast of grilled fish in a guajillo chili marinade. Why not order it? And be sure to ask about the Dish of the Month on your next trip down. 

   Recipes previously showcased as Dish of the Month include the Tlayuda, a huge tostada from Oaxaca topped with steak, refried beans, Oaxaca cheese, lettuce, avocado and radishes; Queso Relleno, stuffed cheese from the Yucatan and 

Shrimp Huatape, a seafood, corn and herb broth from northern Veracruz and Tamaulipas.

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