A floating barrier has been installed in front of a two-kilometer-stretch of public beach between Av. Lopez Mateos and Pelicanos Restaurant to prevent seaweed being washed up on the coast. The authorities hope that it will deflect up to 65 percent of the sargasso, which will be collected by boat or using special belts to bring it ashore to designated collection points where disposal trucks will be waiting. 

     Fish and other marine creatures such as turtles can swim through or under the seaweed barrier and it is anchored carefully using a technique that will not damage the sea grass beds.  

    Beach sweepers and brigades of workers will collect the seaweed that makes it to the shoreline.

    Several hotels along a stretch of beach to the north of Puerto Morelos that is particularly susceptible to seaweed landings (less wave action and water circulation) are in the process of installing similar barriers.


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