During your next Grand Residences vacation be sure to order the catch of the day cooked with flair by our award-winning chef Yann Cozic and his team. Sample the tempting fresh seafood dishes on the menu at our trio of restaurants El Faro, Flor de Canela and Heaven Grill and don’t miss the Seafood Night theme buffet on Thursday night.

From Caribbean lobster to Galician-style grilled octopus, shrimp in curry sauce or cooked with ginger and lemon grass, tuna tagine and Mediterranean fish recipes, our fruits de mer are all delicious and supremely fresh. There’s grilled salmon and grouper fillet with butter and almond sauce, mussel casserole and if you crave seafood pasta the chef will be happy to oblige.

Try the ceviche, a classic in Mexico and Peru, and the zesty flavors of aguachile, shrimp and cucumber marinated in lime juice, a recipe from Mexico’s Pacific coast. For a lunchtime snack, munch on Baja California-style fish or shrimp tacos at Heaven Grill as you take in the incredible beach views.

Much of the seafood prepared in the Grand Residences kitchens is sourced locally from Puerto Morelos fishermen or from Mexico’s Pacific ports and further afield.

These classic Mexican recipes are a must when dining in Puerto Morelos seafood restaurants: tikinxic or Mayan-style grilled fish, fish fillet al mojo de ajo, which is fish fillet sautéed in garlic butter, and pescado a la veracruzana, fish stewed in a tasty tomato, olive and caper sauce. You can even order a whole fried fish – the boquinete or hogfish is delicious – accompanied with tortillas, salsa and a salad garnish and make your own tacos.

Buen provecho!

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