If you are planning a visit to Xcaret during your stay and are interested in nature, don’t miss the park’s huge new aviary, now open to visitors.

A total of 1,000 birds representing 50 species native to southeast Mexico live in different parts of the immense free flight aviary. Measuring 5,000 square meters and reaching a height of 25 meters, it is divided into different zones such as the rainforest, lowland jungle, mountain cloud forest, the mangroves and wetlands, semi-arid plains and scrubland, each one with vegetation representative of the ecosystem, and temperature and humidity conditions that are carefully controlled to reflect natural conditions as much as possible.

The species you’ll see during your visit to the aviary include scarlet and green macaws, parrots, great curassow, keel-billed toucan and flamingos. The cloud forest area is home to rare species such as the emerald green toucanet, the horned guan and the famous quetzal, the plumed serpent of Mayan legend.

Birds of prey such as the king vulture, ornate hawk eagle and golden eagle have their own area and there is even a hummingbird garden where you can watch these tiny winged jewels sipping nectar from the flowers.

Visitors have a chance to learn about Xcaret’s record-breaking scarlet macaw breeding program, the incubators, nursery and nesting area.

Ask the Concierge to arrange your tour to Xcaret and be sure to stay on for the spectacular evening show, a celebration of Mexican culture and history.