It’s been 10 years this October since Hurricane Wilma roared through the Mexican Caribbean and left a trail of destruction in her wake. The 2,979 members and guests staying at Royal Resorts in week 41 weathered this immensely powerful Category 4 storm with staff and the people of Cancun, and the ties that were forged during the ordeal endure to this day.

When it became clear that Wilma was heading straight for Cancun, the Mexican Government ordered the evacuation of the Hotel Zone on October 20, 2005. Like thousands of other visitors, Royal Resorts members and guests were evacuated to hurricane shelters downtown where they spent four, and in some cases five days. Employee volunteers were assigned to the shelters to look after them and did so tirelessly with no way of knowing how their own families and homes were faring during the storm.

On October 15, members and staff had the chance to meet up again at a special Remembering Wilma dinner in Hacienda Sisal restaurant.