Thank you for supporting the Royal Resorts Foundation COVID-19 Employee Relief Fund

A heartfelt thank you to our owners and members for your love and support during this difficult time for us all. Through the Royal Resorts Foundation COVID-19 Employee Relief Fund you have helped 1,222 employees, including the housekeepers, waiters, bartenders, kitchen staff and bellboys at Grand Residences and Royal Resorts who have been hardest hit by the economic crisis.
Two targets have been matched and over US$100,000 raised to help these 1,222 employees from April to June and the Royal Resorts Foundation is well on the way to reaching its third target of US$32,000 to support them through July with food cards that they can use in local supermarkets.
The generosity of owners, members, and of many staff who also donated to help affected workmates, has been incredible.
To see photos of some of your favorite employees at Grand Residences and Royal Resorts log in to the Members Area on the Royal Resorts website.

If you would like to make a donation visit the COVID-19 Employee Relief Fund


Virtual Traveler

Some of you still cannot be with us right now but we can bring the beauty of the Mexican Caribbean and the Yucatan to you. Here’s our monthly gallery showcasing some of the region’s many natural and historical attractions. How many have you visited? Which ones would you like to explore on future visits to Grand Residences?


A true Caribbean desert island of palms, mangroves and white beaches, Contoy is also an important nature reserve. Known as the island of birds, it is home to over 150 species, including pelicans, frigate birds, herons, ibis and roseate spoonbills. Eco trips are available.

Picture-perfect and family friendly, Akumal Bay is one of the most beautiful spots in the Riviera Maya. Palm-lined and sheltered by offshore reefs, it is a favorite spot for the sea turtles that graze on sea grass beds in the shallow waters. The name Akumal actually means “place of the turtle” in Maya.

Mesoamerican Reef
The world’s second longest coral reef system runs offshore from the Mexican Caribbean coast. Take the plunge to discover a strange kingdom of coral buttresses and colorful marine life. Start your journey right here in Puerto Morelos National Park.

Playa del Carmen
An evening stroll along Playa del Carmen’s “la Quinta” for open-air dining and drinks under trees glittering with lights is always a popular vacation option. Lined with cafes and bars, craft shops and boutiques and alive with the sound of music, Fifth Avenue will undergo a facelift this summer, focusing on the area around Parque Fundadores.

Sian Ka’an
“Where the sky begins” in Maya, Sian Ka’an is a vast swathe of tropical forest and wetlands stretching to the sea. A landscape with biosphere reserve and World Heritage status, its ecosystems are a refuge for a wealth of bird species and rare wildlife such as the jaguar, tapir, manatee, howler monkey and the jabiru stork.

Chichen Itza
The Yucatan’s most famous archaeological site is huge and archaeologists are still at work unearthing and restoring ancient treasures, meaning that there is always something different to see whenever you visit. Chichen Itza’s majestic pyramids, temples and palaces have UNESCO World Heritage status.


Beach books

Here are some of the books we are reading right now if you are looking for something to read. Why not write to us and let us know what’s on your bookshelves or Kindle right now?

Colm Tóibín
Opportunities were so scarce in 1950s Ireland that many young men and women chose to emigrate. This was the case for Eilis Lacey who, with the help of her elder sister Rose and a priest called Father Flood, left her home and family for a new life in New York and a job in a department store. Painfully shy and homesick, she gradually makes friends in the busy boarding house presided over by Mrs. Kehoe and begins to take evening classes in bookkeeping.
Eilis meets Tony at a parish dance and as they see more of each other, they fall in love. She meets his large Italian family and they are busy making plans for their future together when she receives devastating news from home.
Her family needs her so she returns to Ireland. Torn between the land of her youth and an old friend and her new life in America with Tony, Eilis must choose.
A moving story of love, friendship and family ties, set against two very different landscapes: rural Ireland and the bustle and optimism of Brooklyn.

A Moveable Feast
Ernest Hemingway
We have been rereading some old favorites this month, including Ernest Hemingway’s memoir of Paris in the 1920s. As an impoverished writer eking a living from short stories he wrote in the city’s bars and cafes, he met F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein, Ford Madox Ford, Ezra Pound and James Joyce, among others.
His evocative account of Parisian life and people and his travels through France make one want to return to the city of light.

A Long Petal of the Sea
Isabel Allende
This is another compelling work of historical fiction by master storyteller Isabel Allende.
Victor Dalmau, is a young doctor caught up in the Spanish Civil War who is forced to flee Barcelona and go into exile in 1939. Vowing to protect his recently widowed sister-in-law Roser he crosses the Pyrenees into France, where he is reunited with her in a refugee camp. The suffering of the Spaniards prompted poet Pablo Neruda to charter a boat to bring 2,000 refugees to Chile, the “long petal of the sea and wine and snow.” Victor and Roser make the voyage to a new life in South America.
Their story spans decades and continents and four generations of their family in Chile. Uprooted by conflict in their homeland, they also witness the rise and fall of Pinochet.
Isabel Allende’s grandfather was one of the Chileans who welcomed the Spanish immigrants and she heard their stories in her childhood. She actually met one of them, Victor, when they were both exiled in Venezuela during Pinochet’s rule of terror. He told her about his 34 years in Chile and his relationship with Neruda and President Salvador Allende.


Stay connected

You can stay connected with Grand Residences on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You’ll find updates, photos of your home away from home and Puerto Morelos, cocktails, recipes, activity ideas, the Lotería game and much more. There are even some great Grand Residences images for you to download and use as your Zoom background.


Mexican Caribbean News

The Mexican Caribbean is gradually reopening this month to welcome returning visitors. From hotels to golf courses and parks, travel agencies to restaurants, all will be operating with new hygiene and social distancing measures so that visitors can enjoy their vacation with peace of mind.
Cancun, the Riviera Maya and the Mexican Caribbean are the first destinations in the Americas to receive the Safe Travels Global Security Stamp issued by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) and backed by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) for their adherence to new international sanitary security protocols.
In other news, Cancun Airport has implemented new health and safety protocols, including temperature screening and a health questionnaire for all arriving passengers, There will be social distancing, more frequent cleaning and sanitization in all areas, from the airport buses to Immigration, check-in and baggage drop, departure and arrival lounges, commercial and waiting areas. The use of face masks and visors by staff is mandatory and they will undergo daily health checks.
In other signs of reactivation, a number of airlines including Air Canada, Air Transat, American Airlines, Jet Blue, Southwest, United, Delta, Sunwing, Copa Airlines and Aeromexico have resumed or have announced their intention to start flights again this month and in July. Xcaret reopened on June 15 and Xel-Ha, Xplor, Xoximilco and Xavage will follow on July 1 and 2.


Safety first, your wellbeing is our top priority

At Grand Residences your wellbeing is our top priority. When you return to your home away from home you’ll find that we have taken additional steps to ensure the safety of owners, members, guests and staff.
We will be reopening with new hygiene protocols for rooms, guest areas and back of house in accordance with guidelines issued by the Mexican Department of Health and the World Health Organization.

They include:

• Welcoming members and guests with warm smiles and the traditional Yucatecan greeting of the hand placed over the heart, Ki’ imak K’iin instead of handshakes and hugs
• Keeping a safe distance and avoiding physical contact.
• Use of face masks by staff
• Widespread availability of hand sanitizer for guests and staff to use, including a bottle in the room amenity kit for guests to use and take with them when they venture outside the resort
• Incorporation of additional sanitation protocols and disinfectants in our daily room cleaning procedure
• Increased cleaning of guest areas and back of house where staff work behind the scenes
• High traffic areas and surfaces such as tables, doorknobs, elevator buttons and handrails are cleaned and disinfected frequently during the day
• Sports gear, yoga mats, gym equipment and fitness machines are cleaned with disinfectant before and after use and sanitizer wipes are available for guests to give them an additional wipe down.
• In restaurants and bars, seating plans will allow for greater separation between tables. Buffet service has been modified to reduce lines, other changes include greater use of individual portions and a member of staff to serve diners.
• Guest vans and employee buses will be cleaned and disinfected after every journey
• Using the Grand Residences App offers contact-free options for pre-check-in and express checkout, making special requests, checking daily activity programs and restaurant information
• Ongoing staff training on COVID-19 awareness and to reinforce hygiene protocols such as frequent hand washing
• Constant monitoring of the health of our employees
• In the event that a guest begins to feel unwell, has a temperature or is showing respiratory symptoms, the resort will notify the Mexican Department of Health immediately and follow its protocol on self-isolation, care and sanitation.


Covid-19 Employee Relief Fund reaches its second goal

We have been overwhelmed by the support for the COVID-19 Employee Relief Fund. And we are happy to announce that the second target amount set for the appeal has now been reached. Thanks to the donations received, the Royal Resorts Foundation has been able to help 1,222 employees at Grand Residences and Royal Resorts such as housekeepers, waiters, bar tenders, kitchen staff and porters who normally receive part of their pay from tips.
All of these workers have received food cards to use in local supermarkets and with your support we have raised enough money to continue helping them through June.
However, the impact of the crisis means that they will need aid for another month so the Royal Resorts Foundation has set a new goal of $32,000. This is the target amount needed to give a food card to 1,222 employees during the month of July to help them through this crisis.

With your help we can reach the target.

A message from the heart
Guiliana U, Housekeeping, The Royal Sands
Guiliana joined Royal Resorts eight years ago and is originally from Teya Pueblo in Yucatan. She has lived in Cancun for more than 20 years now and has two daughters, aged 18 and 11. She says, “When the COVID-19 crisis hit us here, I began to worry about my job and that I wouldn’t be able to support my daughters. My eldest will soon be starting college and I thought, how on earth are we going to manage?
“But Royal Resorts has stood by us. Thanks be to God we are still here.” Guiliana adds, “When I heard about the Royal Resorts Foundation appeal, I breathed a sigh of relief. It is a great help. As there are no guests, we are not receiving the tips that normally form part of our pay and this will tide us over.
“I would like to thank everyone who helped us. May God bless them and watch over them. We look forward to welcoming them to their home.”

Watch the video for more messages from Royal Resorts employees


From the Grand Residences kitchen

You may be missing your favorite beachfront seat at Heaven Bar right now for a lunch of fish tacos with lashings of pico de gallo or the catch of the day served up in El Faro Grill. If you are, here’s a recipe from the Grand Residences kitchen for you to prepare at home. We hope that it brings back wonderful memories. We’ll be sharing more recipes with you in the months to come. In the meantime, enjoy!

Tequila Shrimp
This shrimp and tequila flambée recipe from the Mexican Pacific coast tastes just as good in the Mexican Caribbean!

Serves 1 person
4 jumbo shrimp
4 tablespoons butter
2 garlic cloves peeled and chopped
1 sliced Guajillo chili
Pinch of salt
Pinch of pepper
1 shot glass of white tequila
One grilled yellow corn, cut in halves
½ cup of cooked white rice
1 tablespoon of chopped parsley

Heat a large skillet over medium heat and add the butter, garlic and the shrimp seasoned with salt and pepper to taste.
Sauté the shrimp until pink, about 3 to 5 minutes. Reduce heat and add the tequila. Increase the heat to medium high and then tilt the skillet over the gas burner or use a long match to ignite the tequila. Be careful as the flames may go high.
Cook, shaking the skillet gently once or twice, until flames subside.
Remove from heat and sprinkle with parsley. Serve immediately with rice and corn

Cocktail hour
If you are dreaming about your Mexican Caribbean home and all those relaxing afternoons by the pool sipping your favorite cocktail, here’s a recipe from the Grand Residences bartenders for you to enjoy at home.

Blueberry Mezcalita
2oz mezcal
2oz cranberry juice
2oz Sprite
¼ cup blueberries
2 lime slices
4 mint leaves
To garnish, a sprig of mint and a blackberry

Place the lime slices, blueberries and mint leaves in a glass and macerate using a cocktail pestle until the juices are released and mixed. Add ice cubes, cranberry juice, sprite and mezcal. Mix well and garnish with the blackberry and mint sprig.


Good Reads

Many of us have been catching up on our reading through the months at home. After a day working online, it is a way to let your imagination take flight and travel. It doesn’t matter if you are reading the latest book by your favorite writer, rereading Jane Austen, Thomas Hardy or Henry James or following in the footsteps of a travel writer, it will transport you to a world of magic.
Here are some of the books we have been reading recently if you are looking for a good read.

West Country Trilogy
Tim Pears
Set in a farming valley on the borders of Somerset and Devon in the West Country in Edwardian England, The Horseman, The Wanderers and The Redeemed follow the fortunes of a boy called Leo Sercombe. The son of a carter, he has inherited his father’s skill with horses and wants to work in the estate stud farm. He meets Miss Charlotte, the Master’s daughter and despite the rigid social boundaries, they become friends through a shared love of horses. As they become teenagers they fall in love.
Exiled from the estate when his friendship with Lottie is discovered, Leo wanders further west into Cornwall in search of his mother’s kin. He is sleeping rough and living off the land when he is attacked by a gang of thieves and left for dead. A family of gypsies nurses him back to health but their law dictates that he is now bound to them as a servant.
He eventually escapes and continues his journey, meeting farmers, miners and a traumatized soldier and veteran of the Boer War living as a hermit on the way.
In the meantime, Lottie tries to find out what has happened to him and seeks solace in nature as her father falls in love again.
The third book begins in 1916 with Leo shoveling coal on HMS Queen Mary. He is soon caught up in the war as the ship is torpedoed during the German attack on Scapa Flow. He is one of a handful of survivors and he becomes a salvage diver trying to raise the sunken fleet.
Years pass and he still dreams of returning to his homeland. When he finally retraces his steps and becomes a farmer, he is reunited with Lottie who has fought her own battles.
Tim Pears’ descriptions of West Country rural life and landscapes make this trilogy a must.

Notes from a Small Island
Bill Bryson
A travel classic that never grows old. The journeys of US writer Bill Bryson through the United Kingdom; this is his funny and affectionate look at the island and its people.
Once you have read one Bill Bryson book, you’ll be hooked and will be searching for the next one, whether narrating his adventures on the Appalachian Trail or Down Under in Australia.

Redhead by the Side of the Road
Anne Tyler
Micah Mortimer is a 40-something building superintendant and IT technician who is a creature of habit and finds connecting difficult. He lives by his daily routines until his world is turned upside down by the visit of a teenager who mistakenly believes that he may have found his father. Anne Tyler is a brilliant observer of human nature and this is a warm, funny and touching story of family, relationships and discovery as Micah realizes that he is not as self-reliant as he thinks he is and that he loves and needs the one person in his life he had been taking for granted.

Madeline Miller
Daughter of Helios, the Titan sun god, the nymph Circe is the famed sorceress of ancient Greek mythology. This child of nature narrates her own story. Banished by Zeus to the island of Aiaia for using witchcraft in the name of love, she tells of her encounters with gods and mortals, Odysseus and a cast of characters including Daedalus, Scylla, the Minotaur, Medea, Penelope and her son Telemachus.


Jorge Duran plays live for Royal Resorts on Facebook

Guitarist Jorge Duran has made many friends at Royal Resorts and Grand Residences over the years. Many of you will remember him from El Conquistador restaurant at The Royal Islander and he has been entertaining us since 1988. Although you cannot be with us right now, you can still watch Jorge jamming live via the Royal Resorts Facebook page.

Don’t miss Jorge Duran. You can watch him by visiting the Royal Resorts Facebook page


Be on your guard

It is Royal Resorts policy to alert our owners and members of possible scams attempted by companies or individuals operating online. On this occasion we would like to share reports received from several members about unsolicited calls and emails from an individual called Marco Deleon operating out of Las Vegas and a company called Administracion Hotelera Corporativa Columbus SA de CA.
Royal Resorts has no relationship whatsoever with the aforementioned individual and company. The documentation they claim to have is false. We recommend that you do not engage with them, send documents and, above all, never send money to cover processing fees they mention. Log in to the Members Area of the Royal Resorts website to read this Members News article for more information on this and other recent scams.
Royal Resorts has a rigorous privacy policy and is in full compliance with privacy laws. Our members’ personal information is confidential and we do everything possible to protect it. We do not sell and have never sold personal information to third parties.
Unfortunately hackers and scammers are more active than ever during the global pandemic so we urge you to be careful when shopping, banking or taking care of other transactions online.
We recommend that you avoid disclosing your personal information on forums, blogs and other open media venues and participation in online referral schemes that ask you to send the names and details of friends. When you provide your contact information to others in order to rent, sell or lend your unit please ensure that it will be protected.


Virtual traveler

You cannot be with us right now but we can bring the beauty of the Mexican Caribbean and the Yucatan to you. Here’s our monthly gallery showcasing some of the region’s many natural and historical attractions. How many have you visited? Which ones would you like to see on future visits to Cancun and the Riviera Maya?

Puerto Morelos
Wide beaches stretching into the distance and sheltered by the offshore Mesoamerican Reef make this fishing community our favorite spot in the Mexican Caribbean.


Rio Lagartos
A vision in pink, thousands of flamingos make their home in Rio Lagartos Biosphere Reserve.

Gaze into the crystalline waters of a cenote or sinkhole in the Riviera Maya or Yucatan and a mysterious sunken world of columns and pillars appears, stretching into the darkness.

In ancient times, lights in the El Castillo temple at Tulum would guide seafarers through the jagged reefs to safe haven in the bay at the foot of the cliff.

Dazzling yellow, the town of Izamal is dominated by the huge Franciscan monastery built in the 16th century on top of a Mayan pyramid.

Bacalar Lagoon
In southern Quintana Roo, Bacalar is known as the Lagoon of Seven Colors because of the spectacular shades of blue of the water. We think that the number is actually much higher!


A message from C.O.O. Javier Vales

Wherever you are, we are thinking of you constantly. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, our Chief Operating Officer Javier Vales recorded a video message for you from your Royal Resorts family.



Stay safe and stay strong. And when the time is right for you to travel again, we will be here to welcome you to your home away from home.

Note: This video was recorded before the government extended the suspension of non-essential activities and the stay at home order in Mexico.


Stay connected

You can stay connected with Grand Residences on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You’ll find updates, photos of your home away from home and Puerto Morelos, cocktails, recipes, activity ideas, la Lotería and much more. There are even some great Grand Residences images for you to download and use as your Zoom background.


Life in Puerto Morelos under lockdown

The strict stay at home order continues for Puerto Morelos and the Mexican Caribbean. All non-essential activities in the public and private sector are still suspended.
Schools and universities remain closed and students are continuing with their lessons in online classrooms.
People who can work at home are doing so and those who have to travel to their workplace must take every precaution. The use of face masks is mandatory in public and there are restrictions on movement and strict social distancing and sanitation measures for supermarkets, banks and other essential offices that are open.
The State Government has been distributing food help to the thousands of families throughout the Mexican Caribbean affected by the economic crisis that COVID-19 has inflicted on the area.

Puerto Morelos community spirit
Those of us from overseas who have lived in Mexico for many years know that Mexicans come together in a crisis. We have seen it time and time again, after hurricanes and earthquakes. We see small acts of kindness everywhere and Puerto Morelos is no exception.
One group of citizens is collecting money to buy digital thermometers and masks for local clinics while another set up a food bank to distribute help to 700 low-income families. Some are delivering supplies to the elderly; chefs are pitching in to bake bread or pizzas and others are caring for stray dogs and cats. Food, materials, donations, time, transport, conservation and even music or art, whatever its scope or size, every community initiative helps someone in need.


First turtles of the season spotted on Puerto Morelos beaches

May marks the beginning of the sea turtle nesting season in the Mexican Caribbean and the Puerto Morelos Ecology department has reported the first sightings of nesting turtles on area beaches.
The first turtles of the season came ashore on Punta Brava on April 30 and we hope that thousands more will follow them during the season.
Grand Residences is proud to participate in the statewide sea turtle conservation campaign and during the summer nights our security guards will be patrolling the beach on the lookout for female turtles.


The Mexican Caribbean prepares for a gradual reopening

The Mexican Caribbean plans a gradual reopening starting in June to welcome summer visitors. Many hotels have announced their intention to open in June, subject to the government allowing the reopening of hotels and the reactivation of the tourism sector.
A number of airlines including Air Canada, Air Transat, Southwest, Delta, Sunwing, Copa Airlines, Air Europa and Aeromexico have indicated that they intend to resume flights in June.

The Xcaret Group also recently announced that it intends to open at least three of its parks: Xcaret, Xel-Ha and Xplor in June.


Memories that last a lifetime

We may be apart right now but we are thinking of you. Ours is a story of friendship and family that spans more than 40 years.

Memories are precious and at Royal Resorts they last a lifetime. Vacation tales of your home away from home and family moments you cherish. Incredible places you have visited over the years and all the magic of Mexico.

Our journey together will continue. There will be more amazing experiences ahead and happier times for us all.

In the meantime be safe and stay well.

And whenever you are able to travel again and you begin to hear the Caribbean calling you, we will be here waiting to welcome you home.




Grand Residences and Royal Resorts closed until May 30

Grand Residences and all the Royal Resorts are closed by government orders due to the national health emergency. The shutdown of all non-essential activities in the public and private sector throughout Mexico and the stay at home order imposed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are in effect until May 30.
Like you, we must stay home to stay safe and protect others.

The world is at a standstill and our lives are turned upside down. Things that we took for granted are suddenly off limits. Many of us are separated from loved ones, concerned about the future. Nevertheless, we will overcome this unprecedented challenge together. In the meantime, we urge you to stay safe. From all of us at Grand Residences, we love you and we are thinking about you.

When travel is possible once more and you hear the call of the Caribbean, we’ll be here waiting to welcome you home.

See you soon
Hasta pronto


We are here for you

At Grand Residences we have been working to support owners and members during the COVID-19 crisis and we have taken a number of actions so far to address their concerns.
Our first priority has been to help owners and members who had their travel plans disrupted and to offer them the flexibility they need to reschedule their vacation later this year or in 2021. The COVID-19 section on the Royal Resorts website www.royalresorts.com lists the options available.

The economic consequences of this global pandemic are far-reaching and we are aware that some of our members may be facing financial hardship at this time. We stand by you. Our COVID-19 response includes helping those affected so that they can meet their membership or Club Service Fee commitments. Contact Interval Servicing to discuss your options at 1-800-930-5050.
Interval Servicing is currently receiving a huge volume of calls and your patience is much appreciated. If you prefer, you can contact Interval Servicing via e-mail at accountsreceivables@intervalservicing.com
with your membership information and your concern. A qualified agent will follow up your inquiry as soon as possible and in the order it was received.
By continuing to pay your Club Service Fee remember that you are helping Grand Residences to maintain your home away from home and look after employees as they too face the COVID-19 crisis.


Helping your Grand Residences Family, the COVID-19 Employee Relief Fund

The COVID-19 crisis is hitting the Mexican Caribbean hard, impacting workers who rely on tips as part of their salary. Some 890 employees at Grand Residences and Royal Resorts are particularly affected and they include the maids, waiters, bartenders and kitchen staff that look after you. The Royal Resorts Foundation launched the COVID-19 Employee Relief Fund appeal to help them and thanks to your generosity we are over three quarters of the way there. To date, we have raised US$59,100 of the initial goal of US$70,000.

Employees are receiving a monthly deposit for three months to a food card accepted at all major supermarkets to help them through this difficult period.
We invite you to continue donating. With your help we can reach the target. Visit the Royal Resorts Foundation page to donate now. You can select your resort in order to help the employees you know or use the “All Resorts” category. Credit card donations are accepted and a thank you notification will appear automatically when the donation has gone through. Your kindness is much appreciated.


Helping those in need

Through the Dollar a Stay campaign, donations from members and employees and other fundraising initiatives, the Royal Resorts Foundation supports a number of key causes during the year, including education, health, aid for employees in times of illness or economic hardship and conservation.

• Scholarships for a class of 31 students at Mano Amiga School at the Ciudad de la Alegria in Cancun
• Grants for students at local universities
• Cancer screening
• Physiotherapy for seven children at the CRIT Rehabilitation Center
• In 2018-2019, the Royal Resorts Foundation Employee Relief Fund was able to help employees and their families with cases such as cornea and kidney transplants, open-heart surgery and other major operations, hearing aids and speech therapy.
• Conservation, donations to Amigos de Sian Ka’an help this pioneer NGO protect the precious ecosystems of the Yucatan Peninsula and endangered wildlife.
• Contributing to landscaping in Cancun’s new green space, Parque Cancun.
• Donations to the Red Cross
• Donations of linens and towels to Fauna Digna for use in nursing injured wildlife back to health

The Royal Resorts Foundation is staffed by volunteers who also work full-time for the company.


Home Office

Like many of you, a large number of our employees are working at home, many juggling the twin challenges of home office and home schooling.
Some departments are tirelessly looking after the needs of owners and employees by phone or email while others are planning new activities and vacation experiences for you.
Manager Daniela Trava and her team are working online with staff to reinforce Leading Hotels of the World standards, while others are taking Royal Resorts training workshops and brushing up their English skills in video classes with the teacher.
Chef Rafael Borbolla and his team are taking a daily online seminar as part of the Distintivo H food hygiene and storage standards program. In addition, he is letting his inspiration flow, creating new menus and desserts for the Wedding Collection.
From our home office, wherever that may be, we all say hola!


Puerto Morelos community spirit

With empty beaches and streets, it looks as though the people of Puerto Morelos are heeding the stay at home order and lending a helping hand to those in need. Some are taking shopping orders, delivering food parcels or checking up on elderly neighbors. Others are looking after stray dogs and cats. A few restaurants are open for take out only, supplying the community with fresh bread and pizzas. One restaurant has also teamed up with the local Rotary Club to cook meals for needy families. Even Alma Libre bookstore has pitched in, taking book orders from desperate readers by phone or online and delivering them by bike.


Cancun is 50 years old this April

April 20 marks the 50th birthday of Cancun, however Mexico’s pioneering beach playground is at a standstill when it should be celebrating its first half-century. Commemorative events and parades have been postponed for later in the year and Cancun residents will honor it with a moment of quiet reflection and thoughts on what they can do to make the city even better for visitors and inhabitants alike.
Cancun has shown tremendous resilience over the years and we look forward to celebrating many more of its birthdays together on the shores of the Mexican Caribbean. In the meantime, wherever you may be, raise a glass and wish Cancun and its people well.