Winter Spa Pampering

Treat yourself to a Spa day this Christmas season. A soothing massage will do wonders for tense muscles, alleviating the aches and pains you have been suffering back home in the winter chill and getting you in the mood for celebrating.

If you are arriving with chapped lips and dry, flaking and dull skin damaged by winter temperatures and a cold wind, a moisturizing facial is the perfect option for your Spa day and will leave your skin soft and looking radiant. Choose your favorite facial or let your therapist recommend one that is suitable for your skin and will give it the boost of vitamins and antioxidants it needs.

Indulge with a luxury body wrap made with the purest natural ingredients and the healing properties of herbs to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin, restoring balance.

After your Spa session you’ll be ready to unwind and enjoy your Riviera Maya vacation.