Last year, during lockdown, many of us sought solace in the kitchen, discovering a talent we didn’t know we had and that soon became a passion. If you would like to continue learning new culinary skills or simply try your hand at a new activity, sign up for a cooking class during your stay. Watch how to prepare classic Mexican dishes, become a pasta expert and get plenty of insider tips from Executive Chef Hector Rentería.

He will show you how to make the perfect guacamole, ceviche or a spicy salsa made in a volcanic stone mortar and pestle called a molcajete; Mexican and Mediterranean seafood dishes, beef dishes, delicious pasta sauces, desserts and much more.

Do you have a pet peeve about your cooking technique? Perhaps your bread dough won’t rise or you want to be able to prepare a pizza with true panache, throwing it up in the air and catching it with confidence? Ask Chef Hector for his advice and recommendations if you don’t know which sauce to serve with fish or chicken or are looking for a showstopper dessert to prepare for your family.

Sign up for the Wednesday cooking class with your Concierge. This is a fun activity to enjoy with children and grandchildren or with friends.