It is with great sadness that we share news of the loss of a much-loved member of our Royal Resorts family.


Tyrone Ukaegbo Magaña

Originally from Dallas, Tyrone Ukaegbo joined Royal Resorts in 2003 and worked hard over the years to become one of the leading sales executives. At the time of his passing he was an Assistant Manager at Grand Residences. A gentle soul, Tyrone will be remembered for his intelligence, kindness and compassion. Everyone loved and respected him and he will be greatly missed.


Some of Tyrone’s workmates added their own tributes:


Words cannot express how sorry we are for the loss of Tyrone. God must have needed another angel.

Tyrone was loved and respected by all his coworkers and all the owners at Grand Residences. He has left us too soon. Tyrone will be greatly missed, may he rest in peace.

Catherine Duda


Tyrone, thank you for your friendship, your charisma, generosity, intelligence and joy. Rest in peace. I am going to miss you.

Claudia Ramirez


For me he wasn’t just a great man but a mighty heart, he was my friend. May he rest in peace.

Marcela Azcorra Trejo


Because when I needed you, you were there, you listened to me, you advised me, you protected me, you shared, you encouraged me, you believed in me, you accepted me, you fulfilled me, we had fun together, always wise and always generous, you went ahead in everything and again went ahead. Wait for me there in Valhalla so we can have some Guinness together and cry with laughter turning to see all the stupid things we did here… you will always be my soul brother.

Alejandro “Patrick” García


Tyrone was a friend before anything else; I had the fortune to work with him for many years, I have known him since he started working at Royal Resorts, always with the best attitude and a great personality, we shared many great moments and he will live forever in my memory. We lost an incredible person and for sure we are all going to miss him.

Gerardo Flores


Tye, you were and will always be a part of the Royal Resorts family; you will always be in my heart.

Rosalía Cantú


Ty, you won’t be able to read this but fortunately it is something I was able to tell you myself.


Thank you for your friendship and your love for my family and me.

You are one of the greatest people that I have ever known, so generous, always ready to help others. 

I can’t remember a single moment when I didn’t have a good time with you (unless it was when we were roomies and your snores kept me awake!) 

Thank you for your unstinting support when I was at my lowest ebb, financially and emotionally. I’m going to miss you so much. I’ll miss all those moments when we laughed so much that we cried, and I know that we will meet again for one more laugh!

Jorge López


Tyrone will be greatly missed. He was not only a great asset to Royal Resorts, but a wonderful friend, human being, son and brother.  He seemed tough on the outside but he had one of the warmest hearts I’ve ever known. Always willing to help, always being positive, and he made everyone around him laugh with the funniest jokes.  We will keep him in our hearts forever.

Paola Shouse


All of us at Royal Resorts will treasure our memories of Tyrone. We are sure that you will want to join us in sending your thoughts and prayers to his family and friends during this difficult time.




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