Meet the Campbell family from Ontario, Kimberley and Neil, grandparents David and Marilyn and Isobel and Ailsa, two little girls who are growing up at Grand Residences. Isobel is six and Ailsa is two and this is the family’s fourth visit to their home away from home in the Mexican Caribbean. We caught up with Kimberley Campbell during their recent vacation.

“This is our time together as a family,” says Kimberley. “We are here with my parents and loving every minute of our stay. The weather has been very good this week, so there has been lots of beach and sea time for the girls. Ailsa is getting used to the waves, she wasn’t sure at first. “When the girls are not on the beach, they are at the Kids Club,” Kimberley adds. “They go every day and particularly love the arts and crafts, the piñata and the treasure hunt.

“My husband and father also went on an amazing early bird trip to Chichen Itza, leaving at 2 a.m.,” explains Kimberley. “They were there on their own in the archaeological site with their guide and took incredible pictures of the sunrise and of the ancient temples. Then they went to the colonial town of Valladolid and to a little visited cenote where again they were the only people.” Neil has this to say about his trip, “The whole Chichen Itza experience was a dream come true. I had that thought twenty years ago, only if I could take photos here without the crowds. And now that dream has been made possible by the fine concierges at the Grand Residences.”

“The girls are still too young for such a long trip but we did take them to Crococun this time, which they loved” Kimberley says, “We are also going snorkeling tomorrow on a glass-bottomed boat that will take us out to the Puerto Morelos Reef Park. They have been practicing with their masks in the pool. Still out on the water, Isobel was able to join us on the catamaran cruise this year. It was absolutely gorgeous, very calm and there was an incredible sunset.

“It is nice to talk to fellow guests.” Kimberley says, ”We meet returning families every year and Isobel now remembers the children and plays with them. She will enjoying seeing them again in the years to come.

“We love the cuisine at Grand Residences and our favorite this time has been French night at El Faro, it is amazing,” she adds. “All the employees have done such a good job to make our vacation special. They try their hardest.

“Royal Resorts has always been a great place for families, but I think that it is even more so at Grand Residences,” says Kimberley. “We are seeing a lot more members here enjoying time with their extended families. Family is huge here and all the employees make such an effort to make the children happy and welcome. You know the saying ‘happy children, happy parents.’ Isobel goes off to the Kids Club on her own now and we follow on a few minutes later. We know that she is safe and cared for.

“I would highly recommend Grand Residences for a family vacation,” Kimberley adds. “The staff try and do everything to meet your needs and make you feel at home. You have a luxury vacation experience here; the service sets it apart. This is really a top-class resort and the staff show that. We have stayed at a lot of resorts in different parts of Mexico and this is truly special.

“Isobel’s vacation countdown starts in December when the cold of the Canadian winter bites. She starts to say, “Mom, when are we going to Mexico?” First it is months then days!” Kimberley relates, “she gets out the iPad and starts showing Ailsa the photos from last year and tells her about what they are going to do on vacation. Ailsa told her day care teacher “I’m going to the beach.” The teacher asked me if she even knew what a beach is, I replied that I didn’t know if she remembered. After this vacation and so much time on the sand and in the waves, she will now!

“I think that my message to members of the Grand Residences community is that they should plan their luxury vacation at the resort if they haven’t already done so and explore Mexico,” Kimberley concludes. “The culture is amazing and the people are very friendly and welcoming wherever you go. This is a great place for a family vacation, probably one of the best places to bring a family.“

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