If you enjoy snorkeling during your vacation and are always looking for new spots to put your mask and flippers on and start exploring the underwater world, then a visit to the secluded Riviera Maya beach of Xcacel might fit the bill. Located between Akumal and Xel-Ha, this pristine bay has untouched reefs festooned with sponges and sea fans just offshore. Ask your Concierge about guided tours to this seldom-visited paradise.

From Highway 307, a bumpy track leads through the jungle, mangroves and a coconut palm grove to the beach. Once you have taken in the spectacular views of white sand and sparkling turquoise waters you’ll be ready to take the plunge.

As you explore, you’ll spot parrotfish, pork fish, blue tangs, butterfly and damselfish and curious sergeant majors, and you may be lucky enough to see spotted moray eels and turtles.

After your snorkeling tour, sunbathe or go for a stroll and visit the cenote hidden in the mangroves. Peaceful and breathtakingly beautiful, this is a place to celebrate nature.

The beaches of Xcacel and the neighboring bay Xcacelito are important nesting areas for green and loggerhead turtles and the Quintana Roo state government designated the area a sanctuary in 1998, thus protecting it from development. There is a turtle camp at Xcacel and volunteers patrol the beach at night during the summer on the look out for nests. It is estimated that in the last 22 years, one million baby turtles have been born on the beaches in the Xcacel area.

Recent sightings of other rare creatures such as deer, ocelots and the secretive, nocturnal jaguar in the jungle have led to pledges to boost protection of Xcacel.

Whenever you go snorkeling or diving, please rinse off suntan oil before going in the water, as it is harmful to marine life. Wear a white t-shirt to protect your skin from the sun instead.

If you enjoy exploring the Mexican Caribbean and the Yucatan, ask the Concierge for trip recommendations. They can help you put together a sightseeing itinerary tailor-made to match your interests and full of unforgettable travel experiences.

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