The Royal Resorts Foundation is helping six children to get the physiotherapy they need at the CRIT (Centro de Rehabilitacion e Inclusion Infantil Teleton) Rehabilitation Center in Cancun.

CRIT Centers provide diagnosis, physiotherapy, multisensory stimulation, occupational therapy and care for children who have motor, bone and neuromuscular diseases, autism and cancer. They help children who otherwise might not receive the vital treatment they need to improve their quality of life. Counseling, health and hygiene seminars are also available for the parents of special needs children.

Run by a Mexican charity called Fundacion Teleton, there are 23 CRIT Centers in different parts of Mexico and a Children’s Cancer Hospital, collectively attending 294,172 children. There is a huge demand for the therapies they offer, the Cancun CRIT alone receives 891 children from all over the Yucatan Peninsula and has a waiting list of 200 children. Some learn to walk, swim or receive treatment to improve their movements so that they can be more self-sufficient in their daily lives; others begin to communicate through art or practice their language skills.

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