In July, the construction team working on the Phase 2 units completed laying the ceramic wall and floor tiles before moving on to begin installing marble counter tops in the kitchen and bathrooms. The air-conditioning ducts were also finished.

Painting is now underway and the carpenters have moved in to begin working on the kitchen and kitchenette cabinets, the closets and doors. Tubs have been installed in the bathrooms and the penthouse pools and terraces are being tiled.

Projects planned for August include putting in the air-conditioning system, finishing the ceilings and installing terrace railings. Carpenters will continue working on the cabinets and closets and the granite tables and sink units will be installed. Work will also begin on fixed base furniture, headboards in the bedrooms and the Murphy bed units.

The units in Phase 2 will be ready for occupancy after November 1, 2016.