The Puerto Morelos Municipal Council has taken delivery of beach cleaning equipment to be used to collect seaweed that may wash ashore. To date, the beaches have been clear of seaweed and scientists are hoping that there will not be a repeat of the massive beachings that occurred in the summer of 2015, nevertheless the authorities are planning for any contingency.

As a national park, Puerto Morelos is spearheading the search for a solution to this problem which affected the entire Quintana Roo coastline last year. The initial investment in this project and equipment purchase was $15 million pesos and included water quality studies carried out in different locations along the shoreline.

The equipment consists of containing booms, a tractor, catamaran, seaweed collection boat and a seaweed shredder.

The processed seaweed will be used to make compost, bedding for cattle and food, among others.