The Grand Residences turtle guardians have been very busy in the last few weeks watching over the female turtles that come ashore to lay their eggs in the sand. As of August 31, there were 69 nests in the corral and more are expected as the nesting season draws to a close this month.

All eyes are now fixed on the eggs that remain to hatch, watching for the slightest crack or movement, a sign that the baby turtles are springing to life and chipping away at the eggshell. When they emerge security staff and guests will watch them make their way across the sand to a new life at sea.

To date, 3,162 baby turtles have been released at Grand Residences this season, many more than last year. If you are due to visit us this month or later in the fall, you may be lucky enough to witness a turtle release on the beach when darkness falls.

The latest turtle news from the Royal Resorts in Cancun is that there are 279 nests with 32,803 eggs in the corral at The Royal Caribbean and 204 nests with 23,744 eggs at The Royal Sands. More than 23,240 baby turtles have already been released.