Taking the plunge is one way to beat the summer heat. Don your mask and flippers and go snorkeling along the Puerto Morelos Reef, part of the Mesoamerican Reef, the world’s second longest barrier reef.

The reef formations in the Puerto Morelos Marine National Park are impressive, the marine life colorful and diverse, visibility is good and the water calm, all in all excellent snorkeling conditions.

The skipper of your boat and guide know all the best snorkeling spots in the marine park, where to see angel and parrot fish or the schools of blue tangs, pork fish and French grunts that congregate above the reef crest. They’ll take you to spots where sea turtles and rays are known to swim and to coral gardens where tiny fish such as damsel and butterfly fish make their homes.

If you do decide to go snorkeling, please do not apply sun cream and rinse before entering the sea. The chemicals in sun products, lotions, perfume and soap are harmful to marine life. To protect your skin from the sun, we recommend that you wear a white t-shirt over your swimsuit as an alternative.

Ask your Concierge about snorkeling trips.