Deborha Campbell, a longtime member and Grand Residences owner has been good enough to share her thoughts on Royal Resorts and Grand Residences this month. We would like to thank her for her kind words and the affection she and husband Murdoch have for their home away from home.

“Yesterday, while listening to the saxophonist by the pool at the Grand Residences, I began to reminisce how our relationship with Royal Resorts began.” Deborha says, “Our youngest daughter, who is now 25, was in middle school. We attended the school’s annual fundraiser and a week at The Royal Islander in Cancun was donated by a family for the auction. Needless to say we “won” and used the donated week 52 for a family vacation. We were thoroughly impressed and bought our own week 52 at The Royal Sands. This began a wonderful relationship with Salvador and Catherine from the sales department and many others. Over the years we purchased several more weeks at other Royal Resorts such as The Royal Cancun, The Royal Haciendas and now we are at home in the Grand Residences.

“Our first pre-construction purchase was at The Royal Haciendas. During our initial two -week stay at the Haciendas we were able to witness the building of phase two. Again we were amazed at the artisan work that went into the construction of the resort and the solid commitment of the owners and management to deliver on all pre-construction promises. We found this to be true again last year during our initial visit at the Grand Residences. Everyone was so accommodating and definitely went out of their way many times to create a special vacation for us.

“So many wonderful memories have been created at the Royal Resorts … we have grown older with other Royal Resort members as well as many staff and management personnel, and have shared the joy of ownership not only with our children and grandchildren but with other family members and friends.

“It is difficult to find the words to describe the serenity, the “royal” treatment, and how much we and all our guests love visiting the Royal Resorts. Every morning when I review what I am grateful for in this life, the Grand Residences and my memories at the Royal Resorts are among them. I wonder if during my yearly visits I adequately express my gratefulness … I hope everyone knows …. thank you my Royal Resort Family for all you do!!”