From Kansas City, Floriene Lieberman has been a Royal Resorts member since the early 1980s. She and her late husband George first visited Cancun in 1982 as guests of friends who were staying at VCI, now The Royal Cancun. They enjoyed their vacation so much that they decided to become members at The Royal Mayan, which they bought preconstruction. Years later, they also bought preconstruction at The Royal Caribbean and then at The Royal Sands. Floriene says, “Our friends were so happy with The Royal Cancun and they said that the company had delivered on everything and that really gave us confidence. My husband was a land developer and knew about construction and he was very impressed with what he saw.”

When Floriene and her husband saw Grand Residences for the first time they fell in love with the property and decided to sell their five weeks to become owners. Floriene says, “Grand Residences is absolutely beautiful. We love Puerto Morelos, it reminds us of the Mexican Caribbean of old, as it used to be when we first visited in the early 1980s. It has a genuine flavor and is a peaceful, friendly community, it isn’t commercial as Cancun and Playa del Carmen have both become over the years.”

Floriene adds, “The amenities at Grand Residences are incredible and the residences themselves are beautiful. The ambiance is very elegant and the service is simply outstanding, in fact, the staff have become very dear friends. I would recommend it to anyone. I love the beach and I think that over the years my family and I must have taken every tour that exists! The colors of Mexico are breathtaking and I am a huge fan of the art. I still have a picture by local artist Renato Dorfman hanging in my house in Kansas City and one of the things I enjoy here is the turndown service and guessing which colorful little wooden animal or alebrije the evening gift will turn out to be.

“Grand Residences is a great spot to share with family, my daughter is here with me now and my granddaughter and her boyfriend are joining us. Over the years all my children and grandchildren have been to the Mexican Caribbean and they all love it.” On the topic of the staff, Floriene adds: “I have known some of the staff for years, for example, Jorge the Restaurant Manager. He started out at The Royal Caribbean and we followed him to The Royal Haciendas and now he is here. He used to make mango ceviche for me at The Royal Caribbean and he knows my tastes. Another special friend is Chak who I know from The Royal Sands. He came to see me this year on his day off and had breakfast with me. And of course Tyrone, Claudia, our Concierge, and Paola are all wonderful, caring and loving people. When my husband passed away last summer I asked my son to let them know and they all called me individually to give their sympathy, their voices full of emotion and breaking down in tears. That really touched me.

“My message to my fellow owners who haven’t visited their new home yet is that you will have the experience of a lifetime, you’ll be able to unwind in a beautiful ambiance and with loyal friends to look after you. You can really count on them. And to Royal Resorts members I would say come and spend a few hours here to see the beauty of the place and the warmth of the staff. You are missing a great opportunity.”