All-Inclusive Resort

Some owners have raised concerns that Grand Residences may become an All-Inclusive resort and we would like to reassure you by stating categorically that this is not the case. Your Grand Residences home away from home is a Residence club affiliated with The Leading Hotels of the World® and operating under the European Plan mode of nightly room-only rates for rental guests. It is not an All-Inclusive property.

However, like many other luxury European Plan properties in the Riviera Maya and around the world, Grand Residences does offer several vacation packages such as the Grand Family Getaway package, the Grand Diamond Infinity package, the Perfect Proposal and an optional gourmet meal plan known as the Gourmet All-Inclusive package.

As its name implies, the Gourmet All-Inclusive package includes meals and beverages, along with accommodation, activities, access to the gym, kids and teens club services. Many prospective visitors to the Riviera Maya are searching for luxury gourmet vacation experiences and by offering this package to cater to demand, Grand Residences has been able to increase the percentage of units rented.

When marketing to people looking for an all-encompassing vacation, the term “All-Inclusive” is the usual keyword used in searches and therefore, to ensure search engine optimization, must be included in the wording for the resort to show up as an available choice. However, this does not mean that Grand Residences has become an All-Inclusive resort.

For owners who are interested in the unlimited dining offered by the Gourmet All-Inclusive package, a special Owner rate is available so that you can try it.



Perception About Rates

We would like to address the perception that rental rates for Grand Residences are less than the annual Club Service Fee (CSF) paid by owners. We assure you that this is not the case.

All rental rates are per room-night and change according to market demand and the time of year. Moreover, 2016 monthly rates are already available in the different online rental sites; average rates are between 6-15% higher than 2015.

The next table shows the minimum rates by room types and their comparison with the CSF:


One can see that Minimum rates for the Super Saver (room only) are between 96 and 221% higher than CSF in 2015 and the difference is even higher for 2016.

Grand Residences’ Development

The phased development of Grand Residences continues as planned and includes additional services for your home resort such as a second restaurant and a larger full-service Spa. We will continue to strive to provide the exclusive ambiance, impeccable service standards and hospitality that you love at Grand Residences despite the presence of more rental guests. In fact, we expect that many renters will eventually choose to become owners and return year after year to vacation here with family and friends when they discover all the additional lifestyle and leisure benefits they can enjoy through the President’s Circle membership.

We hope that you find this information useful and that it answers any questions that you may have about your Grand Residences home and the special packages offered. If you have comments, suggestions or would like further clarification please feel free to contact us.